Reviews / Testimonials

Mary V. Age 52, Cambridge, ON

Jun. 2012 
Hypoxi - it is the most amazing and result driven way to lose weight and inches. All you have to do is exercise on their equipment for 1/2 an hour and watch your eating habits. It is that simple and the best part about it is that it works. Hypoxi has made it very easy for me to lose the weight and target inches on those areas that I needed to. I have gone for 18 sessions and have lost a total of 9.1 lbs. and 13 inches in measurements around my problem areas. I feel great and I am so pleased with the way I look. Today was my last session and walking out of the studio I felt like a new person. At my consultation Sabine was very knowledgeable and extensive in explaining the process and how eating properly can help me get sustainable weight loss. I thought I had been eating healthy but found out that I actually wasn't eating enough! Sabine doesn't pressure you in any way and it is always nice to walk in and see her smiling face. The atmosphere at Hypoxi is not like any gym - it is very relaxed and it makes for a very enjoyable experience. If you have problem areas like I did and want to see those inches and weight disappear then I totally recommend Hypoxi - it was the easiest method that I have ever lost weight while at the same time improving my lifestyle. Thank you Hypoxi!

Trisha G., Age 34  Kitchener, ON

March 2012
I have proof that this works!!!! I have just finished my sessions with Hypoxi. I lost a total of 5" in all my targeted areas .... And yes I'm speaking of the hips tummy and thighs!!!! You know, those areas that are so difficult to get with just working out. Ask Sabine for a free trial session. I promise you won't be pushed to do anything you don't want to do!!!!

R. S.  Age 52, Cambridge, ON

Jun. 2012 
I suffer from neck and back injuries as a result of an automobile accident. Due to my inability to participate in most physical activity I have put on a number of pounds and inches in those areas that are so difficult to get rid of. I was very discouraged. My saving grace was my sister, who introduced me to Hypoxi about 2 months ago. I could see that she was having great results herself and she encouraged me to try it as well. It is a weight loss treatment that neither starves your body nor is too strenuous. Exactly what I needed. There has been no strain on my injuries and no additional pain. And, Hypoxi is doing exactly as it said it would - targeting the areas I want to lose from. I am watching the inches melt away. Although I have not experienced a considerable weight loss (due to my low metabolism as a result of inactivity for the past 5 years) the results I am seeing are very impressive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to lose inches but has physical restrictions like I do. It is a great "pick-me-up". You will see results, you will look better and you will feel good about yourself. I am proof - I went out and bought myself a new dress last week - size "small"!
Thank you Hypoxi and thank you Sabine for taking such good care of me.

P. J., Age 48  New Dundee, ON

Feb. 2009
I was pleasantly surprised by Hypoxi. Not only did I lose weight and inches around my waist and hips, but I lost inches around the top of my legs. Even though most people would never have considered me overweight, my legs have always been" flabby and chubby". After Hypoxi, I can actually see my leg muscles and I can wear straight leg jeans the way they were meant to be worn. I can honestly say, I am more toned now than I was before I had my children. I finished my 2-month program of 24 sessions at Hypoxi past November having lost 11 pounds from all the right places. Since then I have no problems to keep my new shape. I continue to be amazed when I shop for clothes and can buy clothes 2 sizes smaller than previously.

Feb. 2010
It has been over 1 year since I finished my sessions after reaching my goal. I have maintained my goal perfectly as well as my new shape.

C. J., Kitchener, ON

April 2009
As a senior citizen who has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, I have been limited in the amount and type of exercise I can engage in.  I have tried practically every form of treatment, exercise and weight-loss program over the years with no discernible success.  Needless to say, I had given up hope of ever finding any help.
Since my metabolism was very poor, I didn’t think that anything would ever work, and then I heard about Hypoxi.  I could not believe the results.  I have lost 30 pounds during my 3 month program and even during the maintenance program I’ve lost another 5 pounds.
The Hypoxi system is amazing.  I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  Hypoxi works!

April 2010
After having lost over 35 pounds during the Hypoxi sessions, is now April, 2010 and I have not put on any weight (just up or down a pound or two)! I really believe that besides body shaping, there are many other health benefits to Hypoxi, one being it has lowered my cholesterol and the other is the fact that it has jump-started my metabolism so that I am able to maintain my weight without re-gaining the weight I had originally lost, even after all this time.

What makes it doubly amazing is that I suffer from fibromyalgia and have had a weight problem for many years and because of the pain of fibromyalgia, I have not been able to do any exercise programs to speak of. That's why the Hypoxi experience has been so amazing!I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself!
I'm a true believer in the Hypoxi program!

L.D. Age 48,  Baden, ON

My Hypoxi experience was excellent. I have always had trouble in my mid section, exercised faithfully and have a very good diet, but never could conquer the excess in my mid section. I decided to give Hypoxi a whirl and it worked!!! My focus was to flatten my stomach. I got results there but mostly lost inches in my waist area, what a difference it made. I was very happy with the results. I also did the skin toning, was amazing, your skin becomes so soft and smooth. My husband noticed it after only a couple of sessions. I would definitely recommend this for anyone and I am definitely going to do it again!!!! Loved it.

Stacey H. Age 35,  Waterloo, ON

My experience with Hypoxi has been very positive. Although I haven't lost much weight so far I have definitely lost inches around my stomach and stubborn saddlebags. Now I can start seeing muscle definition which before was hidden. The targeted inch loss is definitely amazing which has been nearly impossible with other programs I've done in the past. Sabine is very helpful, and is always very friendly and offering up any assistance you may require in meal plan suggegtions and ways to help the program work even better.

Kate, Canberra City, Australia

I have suffered from cellulite for many years and have tried various treatments. Hypoxi is the only treatment that has worked! Not only did Hypoxi decrease my cellulite, it also helped me to lose body fat around my problem areas. Plus it only took a few weeks before I started to notice great results. If you are looking to reduce cellulite and body fat in a comfortable and caring environment, then in my opinion Hypoxi is the best treatment for you. (lost in total 8.8 lb and 8.3 inches)

J.S. Age 52, Kitchener, ON

Although I lead a healthy active lifestyle I was having trouble targeting the weight that settled around my middle.
Hypoxi has helped me lose inches and weight and target those problem areas.
I look forward to the “workouts” and find the diet easy to follow.
Although I am still a work in progress, I’m pleased with the results and encouraged by the change in my body.

T.H. Age 59, Cambridge, ON  Fitness and Yoga Instructor

I was really impressed with how I could target fat loss on my abdomen. 
With diet and exercise I would never in the past have done that, since fat would come off evenly on all body parts.  With Hypoxi I was successful in removing fat just from the tummy area which is my problem area. Thanks Hypoxi!

S.O., Age 45, Kitchener, ON

My Hypoxi experience has been very positive.  Sabine is very encouraging and is very knowledgeable.
My results have been remarkable and where I was struggling before to lose the last few pounds the Hypoxi therapy has helped me obtain my goal.
Thanks Sabine!

P.T. Age 55, Waterloo, ON

When I first received the promo flyer in the mail I must say I was a bit skeptical and filed it away. Then after the holidays I came across it again and decided to investigate a bit further. I have been using the Hypoxi Therapy for approximately four months now, and I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results to date.

Initially I was pleased with the weekly weight loss (without a very restrictive diet), but over time what impressed me more is the overall loss of inches and the improvement of my skin tone. Having tried other weight loss/exercise programs I was always disappointed that I couldn't target specific problem areas, but with Hypoxi I have realized my goals.

Hypoxi is a wonderful system;that continues to work even after you have finished your program.Going on maintenance has allowed me to maintain my results and will also allow me to continue to lose.I would certainly recommend this program to those that are looking for good results.

A.T. Age 49, Kitchener, ON

Just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with the results of the Hypoxi sessions. I started noticing a difference shortly after I started the sessions. My favourite results are the fact that Hypoxi has targeted my problem areas. This is now making my gym workouts a lot more enjoyable as I don’t have to focus endlessly on those areas.
I feel like I have my body back.

S.W. Age 53, Elmira

My experience with Hypoxi was positive. Although I didn't lose much weight there was definitely enough shifting and firming. It felt like I had lost much more weight than I actually did. My clothes fit much better now!