hypoxi Kitchener Waterloo Dermatology firmer skin

Dermology VM400 - for skin firming

Ideal for:

  • skin toning and firming of the connective tissue
  • complementing detox programs  
  • cellulite reduction
  • increasing blood circulation

An ancient therapy perfected 

Acknowledging the positive effects of the centuries old Chinese cupping massage therapy, HYPOXI adopted the technique and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated treatment.

The integrated network of 400 activation chambers within the HDPressureSuit, apply high and low pressure to the skin around problem areas. As a result, the connective tissue in these regions is gently stretched and compressed in a similar way a muscle is trained. The invigorating HYPOXI-Dermology treatment lasts for just 20 minutes and visible results can be achieved after just a few sessions.

Low Pressure Phase

The application of low pressure causes the skin to be enriched with nutrients and oxygen - which has the effect of stimulating your metabolic rate.

High Pressure Phase

The application of high pressure to the skin forces undesired toxins out of the tissue, thereby improving the lymphatic and circulatory systems.