HYPOXI Founder, History and Philosophy

hypoxi kitchener-waterloo founder Dr.Egger

“If you are stuck with a problem, try harder.
If you still don’t succeed, try in a different way.”

This has always been the motto of Dr. Norbert Egger's who founded Hypoxi in 1997; he gave the body-shaping industry new impulse by combining medical therapies with exercise. Based on 20 years of experience as the owner of a therapy and training institute, Dr. Egger came to the revolutionary idea of merging natural therapies with effective exercise in order to take advantage of their common benefits for targeted effective body shaping. Vacuum, compression therapy, and fat burning exercise had proven to be the most effective measures. Extensive studies, personal contact with users and constant development produced devices that are not only modern in design but include sophisticated technology with the latest computer control systems.

In just 10 years, HYPOXI has gone from being a newcomer to a globally active enterprise. Hypoxi GmbH headquarters is based in Salzburg Austria; they are the world's leading supplier of devices for targeted body shaping. Hypoxi’s visibility in the most exclusive gyms, beauty salons, health spas and hotels around the world has ensured both international recognition and positioning. Today, more than 250,000 users enjoy the benefits of Hypoxi Therapy in over 2,000 studios located in over 40 countries worldwide; Europe, the UK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, the Middle East and now South Africa; Hypoxi is the most recognizable success story in effective weight loss and body shaping.

Guide To Success

The highly competent team responsible for converting an excellent concept into the acclaimed HYPOXI range, form the basis of the company’s success. All HYPOXI operators undergo an intensive training program, with a comprehensive testing and graduation system. All our therapists have a wealth of knowledge in fields such as sports, training and nutrition and a great understanding of the physiology of the human body. HYPOXI understands the importance of education - all HYPOXI therapists frequently undertake refresher training on our new products and the latest industry developments. Providing you with constant supervision and guidance, your HYPOXI therapist will ensure you achieve the best results. 

Quality is the key to success

HYPOXI Quality Management, comprising of a competent development team and permanent Quality Controller, are in charge of ensuring the optimal and durable quality of all HYPOXI products. All materials used are selected according to the strictest criteria. HYPOXI Quality Management supervises every stage of the production process, from the computer design development, to the construction of moulds, to the assembly of all components parts in the HYPOXI product which operate during its entire life-cycle. The production plant is located in close proximity to HYPOXIs head office in Salzburg – which enables efficient communication between the company’s management and the development and production teams. As a result of this strong link, HYPOXI effectively implements product improvements on a regular basis to meet the needs of its users.

HYPOXI’s Philosophy

“There are countless definitions of beauty. We think it is the harmony between health, wellbeing and attractiveness.

Our aim is to help people obtain their desired figure – in a fast, natural way, without any compromise to health. Every employee at HYPOXI strives to achieve this, ranging from the developers in the HYPOXI research division to the therapists in all our HYPOXI studios. Moved by this philosophy, HYPOXI developed a therapy founded on well established principles which is carried out through simple training. Today, HYPOXI is used by over 100,000 people across the globe. HYPOXI helps clients effectively gain confidence and improve quality of life by obtaining their desired figure.