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Bride To Be Magazine –
November 2011

"After one week of HYPOXI, I ad
people commenting on my overall
appearance (especially my skin)
and by my wedding I was feeling




Hong Kong Tatler
Weddings – August 2011

"Love handles, thunder thighs,
saddlebags ... all are a girl’s worst

THE GUIDE – August

"It’s basically high tech magic
that works – here’s the science part…"


GRAZIA – August 2011

"Banish those bubbly bits with
HYPOXI – the cult celebrity treatment
that has finally reached our shores"

asia Spa – July 2011

"In total, I had lost 14 centimetres
from my thighs, hips and stomach
– making my HYPOXI experience a
resounding success."

Dailymail – June 2011

"Celebrities are constantly
photographed looking super svelte in
size 6 bodycon dresses just weeks after
giving birth while new mums across
the land feel their hearts collectively

Playtimes - May 2011

"Many mums lament loose skin and
excess fat after pregnancy. Even
exercise and diets don’t always solve
the problems. But now there’s hope
from HYPOXI."

Vogue - May 2011

"Think of this as a magic wand to
get toned thighs. Hypoxi - with the

CLEO - March 2011

Cellulite Buster - Once a hot secret
among Hollywood stars thanks to its
speedy results in reducing lower-body circumference, Hypoxi is now out in
the open.

Guide to Life – February

Bye bye Fat, Hello HOT!

Closer Magazine (UK)
January 2011

Shape up! Danielle Lineker swears
by HYPOXI to get her body beach fit!

New Weekly Magazine
December 2010

Cheryl keeps fit with Hypoxi, where
you ride a bike in an vacuum chamber...

Good Health Magazine
September 2010

Hypoxi review sneak peek -
“thousands of Aussies have been
signing up to hypoxi to target stubborn
fat and cellulite that just won’t budge...”

CLEO - May 2010

"Think of this as a magic wand to get
toned thighs. Hypoxi - with the help..."

Bella Beauty Magazine
January 2010

"All the boozing and eating over the
festive season hasn't helped..."

News of the world
May 2009

Cheryl's £36k eXercise bike...
(3 pics)